In 2017, I vividly remember seeing my neighbour’s seven-year-old daughter playing in the dark one evening here in the UK .
I called out to her, “Shari, it’s dark outside. Why don’t you go inside your house?”
Her reply shocked me!
She replied, “No, my mum says I’m a naughty girl.
I want to be naughty.”
She then ran off.
I called her back and told her, “You are not a naughty girl, Shari. You are a good girl.”
She seemed a bit uncomfortable with the words I spoke to her, and she eventually ran back to her house.
The reason I’m sharing this story is to emphasize the importance of the words we use when talking to our children.
Satan can use our negative words as an opportunity to gain access to our children’s lives.
Instead of calling them bad names, we should bless them or say nothing at all if we can’t control our tongues.
Your Future Is Great
Chisom Ulasi
Future is great